Our Properties

Our homes are never short of good food, great drinks and kiddos running wild.

Here is some typical criteria for our properties:

Is it in the middle of nowhere and 2 hours from an airport?   ✔ YES

Is it at least 100 years old and not sensible to restore it?   ✔ YES

Have animals lived in it?   ✔ YES

Can we grow things and our animals live there?   ✔ YES

Is there an open field to build a campfire, roast a pig, throw a big dance party and shoot off copious amounts of fireworks?   ✔ YES

Is it likely that we're going to tick off the neighbors?   ✔ YES


Bhakta Farm and Chateau Residence - Condom, France

Oh grow up - Condom is the name of a town in the Armagnac region of France.  Here, for centuries, local farmers have produced what we believe to be the most exquisite and most exciting spirit we have ever tasted - Armagnac.  Our 18th century chateau - is the wellspring of our soon to be announced business.  We love the history and true craft of the region.


Bhakta Farm - Vero Beach Florida

Florida is about much more than sand, surf and large cartoon mice.  Our newest addition is an ass-kicking revived 1000 acres of Florida ranch land teeming with wild beasts and wild activities.  Head count?  500 cattle, 3 donkeys, 2 horses as well as countless birds, alligators and wild hogs.  This big land is also where you'll find us four-wheeling the back country, air-boating through the swamp or horseback riding the land - all while nurturing our vintage barrel business and chowing down on some seriously mind-blowing barbecue.


Bhakta Farm - Shoreham, Vermont

Vermont is where it all began for us.  In 2007 we created WhistlePig whiskey and spent ten years nurturing and growing the company at the same time that we were nurturing and growing our young, rambunctious family.  Our new Bhakta Farm project in Shoreham, VT is an extension of the affection we've always had for the local land and people.  Straddling 900 acres of farmland along a winding two lane highway, the Vermont farm is where we have sowed the seeds for grape vines and fruit trees that will flow into our products.  Our two guest homes are true pieces of living history; from the magnificent-but-badly-needing-TLC Rich House, built by the very first congressman from Vermont.  To the colonial era Yellow House that stands in the middle of our newly planted fields.  With miles of trails to walk, 4-wheel or horseback ride, our Vermont farm is both a sanctuary and playground.

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