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The Bhakta spirits project has one objective: to create the finest spirits to the world. All in. Full stop.

Since selling WhistlePig whiskey, I've traveled the world in search of rare spirits, ancient casks of forgotten treasures latent with untold potential. It began as an indulgence, but the fundamental truth of spirits is that they’re meant for drinking. It is my honor to share them with you.

The first is coming in summer 2020. It has aged for five human generations, and, fittingly, it will represent a return to simpler times, a revival of the genuine farm-to-bottle ethos that is the essence of craft. The BHAKTA 50 is a blend of Armagnac brandies distilled in 1868, 1897, 1926, 1934, 1956, 1965, and 1970, and finished in smoky Islay Scotch casks. It is the most rare and exquisite spirit in the world.

Yet it is also an incredible value –you can pay far more for a far younger spirit if you’re so inclined. Between its unrivaled age and its necessarily limited release, it is sure to become a collector’s item. An unopened bottle is sure to be an appreciating asset.

BHAKTA: it bears my name and is bankrolled by me alone. This is a promise that I’ll maintain the highest standards of excellence...

-Raj Peter Bhakta

Bhakta 50 year. only 38 barrels available.   RESERVE NOW


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