We've been around the block enough to know that there are no quick fixes when it comes to true Revival. Heck, it’s not even easy to tear down an old barn (trust us), much less restore one. But we also know that the best things in life aren’t easy. Fortunately, we love hard work and aren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty.

For us, “sustainable management” isn’t just a buzzword, it is a promise to our children that the farm will be theirs one day and that it will be better than they remembered. For us, “value-added products” aren’t a side hustle, they’re the future of farming. Our products, distilled spirits, beef, or anything else, are intimately connected to our land because that’s the only way we can promise they’ll be the absolute best.

To some, tired old farms are a symbol of failure, of simpler times that are out of reach. But to us, they’re an opportunity to marry the best of the past – fertile soil, a bucolic landscape, historic buildings – with an unapologetically optimistic vision of the future – locally-sourced products, innovative techniques, vibrant communities. Restoration is the first step; striking boldly into a future of our own design is the next.

It’s probably no coincidence that spending your days striving for improvement is good for the spirit too. And that’s the other half of what we’re doing: we want people to feel good about what they do and happy to live where they do. Too often we hear people saying, “these are grim times” without pausing to consider that things have been much worse. Society is far from perfect, but it will only get better if we get to work with the honest belief that we can improve it. We truly believe there’s never been a better time to be alive!


We are a stew of city-slickers, cowboys, reprobates,
tree-huggers and adventurers. We come from
- and work in - the four corners of the globe.
We choose the best life.

Founder of Bhakta Farms, Whistlepig whiskey and more exciting brands to come


Terroir: Philadelphia, Vermont, Florida, France

Flavor notes: Raspberry, chocolate, hot curry

Qualities: History, distilling, drive

Spiritual Leader and co-founder of Bhakta Farms


Terroir: Montreal, Korea, Vermont, Florida, France

Flavor notes: freshly turned earth

qualities: creation, vision, execution

Chief Councel and Man of Mystery


Terroir: Michigan

Flavor notes: jogger's sweat, tires, contract paper

qualities: consigliere, rationality, history

Baroness of Communications


Terroir: New York, Puerto Rico, London, Florida

Flavor notes: black tea, cashmere, tostones

qualities: future mapping, big picturing, deal closing

Master seller


Terroir: Condom, France

Flavor notes: chainsaw exhaust, flowers, fresh wood

qualities: dirt under the nails, getting it done



Terroir: New York, Miami

flavor notes: puppy paws, stale beer in music venues, The Macarena

Qualities: Speaking to the masses, monkey laugh, on with the show

Visual madman in chief


Terroir: Montreal, Saudi Arabia, UK

Flavor Notes: whiskey, tattoo ink, iT (lol)

qualities: design of captivating visuals, destroyer of livers

farm management overlord - vermont


Terroir: Vermont

Flavor notes: apple, earth, wood chips

qualities: Barn busting, ball busting, farm flourishing

Careers and opportunities

Careers and Opportunities

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